CDW Letters


CDW Members:

Below are links to the final letters that were sent to the Hill last week.

The first letter is to Education and Workforce Committee Chairman Kline and Ranking Member Miller in support of the Workforce Democracy and Fairness Act. The bill directly addresses the NLRB ambush election rulemaking and the decision in Specialty Healthcare, which opens the door to “micro-unions.” Hopefully, many of you were able to make it to the hearing last week.

The second letter is to Chairs and Ranking Members of House Appropriations Committee and LHHS Subcommittee in support of the riders in the draft fiscal year 2012 Labor, Health and Human Services (LHHS) funding bill addressing:

– NLRB proposed rule on Ambush elections;

– Specialty Healthcare case – Micro-unions;

– The NLRB notice posting rule;

– Lamons Gasket/ Dana cases – Secret Ballot Elections; and

– DOL’s Persuader Proposed rule.


Click here to read LETTER 1

Click here to read LETTER 2